A self-directed learning group building with Blockchain and decentralized technologies

Study and build on the blockchain with a group of talented, motivated individuals, learning, and building real world applications. The next session is Sunday, March 25th at 10:30am.

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Learn to build on the Blockchain, together.

Help one another by hacking through real examples

Group learning allows us to leverage the quick conversation and second opinions. Dated repositories, misaligned stack overflow advice, or syntax errors can ruin a night. As individuals supporting each other our efforts become multiplied and focused.

Bi-weekly hands on 'chain sessions for focused learning

Bring your computer and let's get into it. Beginners and seasoned vets (heh) all welcome. Each member is responsible for guiding an aspect of curriculum. Your choice. Bring an online course, fork something, or set up a new wallet. We'll put concepts up to vote and heck maybe even make our own voting system.

Pull, Commit, and Push. Stay motivated.

We meet every two weeks, bringing new concepts and hands on blockchain experience to the group. Nothing beats experience. And that's what we intend to do. Let's use these technologies together, sharing insight and tips along the way. It's moving fast. Are you in?

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Here's how it works

1. Start by signing up!

Check out the form below. That will let us know you're interested. Then, we can get to know each other. You'll tag up with a few Chain Scholar community leaders locally. The group is starting small - for a reason. To keep content quality strong and consistent over time. It'll also allow us to focus our curriculum and understand how to run the session.

2. Meet every other Sunday to hack with the group.

One leading member will guide discussion and assure time is being managed properly. The leading member will explain course content (your own or others) to the group. The goal is to work through one or many real-world blockchain application during the 2.5 hour session. We will respect this time amongst members.

3. Develop real skills and work on innovative projects

Our members desire to leave each session with better technical abilities. Knowledge and theory gained here will carry through future projects with the group. We'll evolve our learning together. Consider this your gym for blockchain. You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another.

4. Gain real-world blockchain skills.

We'll all be able to move forward faster in the blockchain space. Pick up skills, pick up a gig, and put down decentralized applications along the way. Find your blockchain development skills with a self directed learning group as a member of Chain Scholar. Come BUDL with us.

Latest Topics

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Mining Crypto: DIY Mining

Interested in learning about how to mine on your computer or set up at DIY mining rig? Let's get going.

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Wallets & Exchanges. Getting spun up

Wallets hold your crypto assets and exchanges let you trade them. Set up the basics during this session.

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Next session: March 25th - 10:30am

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We're looking for motivated individuals willing to put in the time. Time to hack, time to teach, time to learn. If you're up for it - start your membership below.